Women in Ministry

Weapons of War Women’s Ministry presents an expose on women in ministry for 2009 - 2010.  It is our desire to highlight the work that God is doing through His mighty women who are standing in the gap for their families, communities and nations.  Women who are not afraid to go into the enemy’s camp and take back everything that he has stolen or was given to him through lack of knowledge, passivity and fear. 


God is raising up a mighty army of anointed women who are charging full force ahead, defying every obstacle or hindrance placed in their way.  This is the dispensation of time when the women of God shall stand in power and authority to pull down the strong holds of the enemy.  This is the time; the season for the release of the women of God...His Weapons of War!


Speaker at Weapons of War Women’s Conference 2009

Topic: Relationships, You & God


Speaker at Weapons of War Women’s Conference 2009

Topic: The Power Of Forgiveness

The old adage it takes a village to raise a child is epitomized in the life journey of honoree Pauline Y. Rawlins. Her early love of community service was modeled by her mother Rita Blackman who took pleasure in guiding young mothers of the Bay land in caring for their infant children Pauline often accompanied her mum from home to home helping to care for the newest members of her community. Her heart for people and community is a legacy left her by her father Godwin.


Alongside her husband of 35 years,  Lemuel  C. Rawlins she has been a marriage and family counselor at no charge,  to countless young couples, singles and youth for over 25 years having a far reaching effect on Barbadian community as a whole.


For way faring preachers from across the globe she has provided unparalleled hospitality. For friends, family and home sick UWI students she provided a safe space, a warm meal and a mother’s hug. Her home has been a refuge for the friends of her three children on into adulthood.  There they have found advice

and acceptance. As her children then spread their horizons and moved abroad her far flung influence has touched almost every continent bringing the legacy left her by a mother raising a village, to global proportions. In this age of the global village she has impacted the lives of people from Hawaii to Africa from Australia to Canada and places in between.

Along the way, she has taught young people to cook, proper hygiene and social graces, quietly taking their success as her thanks. She has often rallied the church communities she served in, to provide clothing, shelter and food to families in crisis.


She is the aunty that the ebullient child will obey. She is the sister friend that everyone seeks out for advice. She is the village mother with the seeing spirit. Her journey has taken her around the world and back. From the dutiful daughter has emerged a proud Grandmother, from the energetic young teacher blossomed a vibrant mentor.

Today, as the Reverend Doctor Pauline Rawlins she humbly and confidently submits herself to new experiences always with the intent of benefitting others by her journey, always learning always growing, always giving so that those around her too will learn, grow, and give. She is the child that became- the village.

Linda Jones was born in Trinidad, West Indies. She pastors the ministry Walking on Water Teaching and Equipping Centre (WOWTEC), which seeks to train and equip persons in life skills, both spiritual and otherwise.  She also is the Founder and Director of Women of Worth (W.O.W), a ministry established in August 2005 to impact the lives of women, and by extension the family and the nation. Women of Worth ministers mainly, but not exclusively to women. It seeks to help women recognize and accept their worth in Christ and enable them to reach their fullest potential in Him.

She has completed her studies for a degree in Theology with Christian International, Santa Rosa Beach Florida, via correspondence.  She holds a Diploma in Theology and has authored several books her latest being Out of the Ashes from which was birth into a production by the same name. 

· Daily Declaration for Kingdom Kids  a four part devotional for children ages 4-13 yrs. 

· For This Child I Prayed  a simple handbook on parenting

· Great Gifts to Give Your Children –introduces parents to a set of values they can give their children that shape their character and leave a rich legacy for generations (gifts of prayer, affirmation, the blessing, unconditional love, value of money).

·  What Aileth Thee?  based on Genesis 21 the real life drama of Hagar and her son    Ishmael.  We learn from their experiences how God loving invites us to be healed and fulfill purpose.

Linda has a wide range of experience and training in ministry, from Sunday School teacher, cell group leader, soloist, worship leader, counselor and altar minister. She is a Teacher of the Word. She also holds sessions with Women of Worth which meets one Saturday each month.  She ministers at women’s meetings, church and conferences and serves on the Child Care Board of the Government of Barbados. Linda has spoken at several community groups and educational institutions in Barbados.

Linda is also an entrepreneur; she manages Glorious Works, and with her teenage daughter they make, jewelry, hand-painted clothing and bags etc. She able assisted in ministry by her husband Oliver Jones, they have been married for 25 years and have one daughter Sara-Joy.


Speaker at 2009 Weapons of War Women’s Conference 2009

Topic: Ministry of Encouragement

Wesleyan Church Ministry

Counseling Course Basic 1 and  Advance Basic 2

Indiana Wesleyan College –leadership Training 2006, 2007

                                                    Speech Training 2007 by Carol Kent

Caribbean Equip International – Leadership Training


Ministry Assignments

Director of Wesleyan Barbados District Women’s Ministry –Wesleyan Women International 1993-2008 (with responsibility for St. Vincent 1993- 2005)

Assistant Caribbean General Director 2000 – 2008 (with responsibility for 11 Caribbean Countries)

Sunday School Teacher Trainer  for Wesleyan Church  2003-2009 ( 38 churches)

Chairperson of Women’s Concern BEA 2005-2009 Focus (HIV/AIDS, Domestic Violence )



Husband – Joseph A.E. Johnson ( CEO Grantly Adams International) Married July 8, 1978

Children  - Jenelle Johnson –Funeral Director –Boston

                   Joelle Johnson – Trader for Barrick  Offshore       

Hobbies –  Reading, crochet, helping others


Preached & Held Seminars/ Chaired Conferences: St. Vincent, Belize, Curacao, Trinidad , Tobago, Antigua, Nevis, St. Lucia, Jamaica , Belize, Boston, Indiana, USVI - St. Croix, St. Thomas and BGI -Tortola



Mrs. Sandra Husbands-Nurubakari is a Human Resources Development Consultant with a blend of experience in the business community that makes her services an invaluable asset to her clients.  With experience spanning six fields of business endeavour, namely Broadcasting, Sales, Market Research, Tourism, Public Relations and Total Quality Management, she brings to human development the background experience which makes training relevant. 


Speaker at Weapons of War Women’s Conference 2009

Topic: Anointed For Business

Cheryl C. Harewood

Coordinator, Weapons of War Women’s Conference 2009

It also empowers her to understand the critical needs of the sector and develop approaches that meet diverse requirements.


Over the past decade she has devised training material that has impacted greatly on the work attitudes and work effectiveness of all staff layers in an organisation.  This life changing material is designed around the complexity of the Caribbean person and addresses the underlying psycho-cultural issues that impact on productivity and efficiency within organisations. The response of participants has been gratifying.  The result has been that she has built a large clientele both here and in the region servicing all sectors – private and public.


Sandra holds a degree in Sociology and Law and a Masters in International Trade Policy.  She has pursued further training in Advanced Leadership in Singapore, Facilitation Training in the U.S.A., Training of Trainers, Technology of Participation for Adult Learners, Techniques for Enhancing Adult Learning, Total Quality Management, Public Relations, and the Hermann Model on Brain Theory. 


Sandra held the position of President of the Executive Council of the Barbados Small Business Association, (BSBA), first female and longest serving President; Chairman of the National Council on Substance Abuse; Chairman of SBA Enterprises Inc, (SBAEI). Currently she is President of the Caribbean Association of the Small and Medium Enterprises (CASME); First Vice President of the National Organisation of Women. Mrs. Husbands-Nurubakari was appointed to the Senate of Barbados in June 2003, and was  appointed as a Board member of FIPA (Inter-Parliamentary Forum of the Americas). 


Cheryl C. Harewood is a journalist with over 25 years experience. Most of her years as a writer have been spent with the NATION Pub. Co. Limited, where she currently works as Senior Writer in the Advertising Department.  Best known as a tourism, travel and business writer, she has travelled widely both regionally and internationally.


Ms. Harewood, a certified public speaker and Bible school graduate, received the Barbados Workers’ Union Community Media Award for her contribution to the tourism sector in 2004. She was the 1992 recipient of the Caribbean Publishing and Broadcasting Association (CPBA) Service to the Community Award for her composition of a series of 17 articles on budgeting, written at a time when Barbados was going through one of its most challenging economic periods between 1989 in 1991. She was also the recipient of the 1992 Barbados Association of Journalists’ Best Business Story Award, and in 2009, was presented with the International Women’s Day Award for her outstanding work as a journalist by the Barbados District Wesleyan Women’s International.  She has been an executive member of the Christian Fellowship At The Workplace Organization for a number of years, and holds the post of Public Relations Officer.

An Introduction to her latest book entitled “Tots 2 Teens”

It is amazing what prayer can do. God commands us to prayer without ceasing. He also says that prayers should be offered up to persons everywhere.  This book of 36 prayers, which was printed and published last December, seeks to reach out to young people whose delight it is to communicate with God.  God cares deeply about everything concerning our lives. Nothing is ever too small for Him.

This prayer book is filled with prayers of thanksgiving to our wonderful God, to whom we can go to any time. He knows what’s in our hearts, but He longs for us to talk to Him. By so doing we form an intimate relationship with Him.

I trust that parents, teachers, leaders and young people will find these prayers helpful in their spiritual growth.  My prayer is that God will bless each reader with good health and prosperity.