One aspect in the vision of this ministry will be the assistance of small independent churches around the world which are either in a pioneering stage or going through the process of rebuilding.  We will offer support in the area of coordinating and developing seminars to enhance their congregations especially focusing on issues surrounding leadership training through the conducting of revivals and crusades; and by training evangelism teams, intercessory teams and worship teams.  Because we have been mandated to write prophetically to the Body Of Christ to release a Word that will remain relevant from generation to generation and applicable to all people of all nations, we are planning to use the materials of ICEMINISTRIES, INT'L under the directive of the Holy Spirit for the purpose of training and facilitating various workshops on the subject matter that pertains to each church.  The subjects cover a broad spectrum such as issues of time management, spiritual warfare, deliverance, the principles that govern proper leadership skills and the principles of Kingdom living.


To further emphasize this aspect of the vision Inter Caribbean Evangelism Ministries, International has formulated a plan with it's affiliate company, Oasis Impressions, Ltd. to offer web design, web hosting, website links, or banners on the ministry's website both at an affordable rate or as an incentive for those interested in forming a partnership with this ministry. Small churches will greatly benefit from this because it will be for the purpose of making them visible and allowing them the opportunity to use this medium as an evangelism tool.  We will accomplish this by inviting interested pastors to provide us with the mission statement, statement of beliefs, and vision of the church along with information regarding the location of the church (i.e. physical address, phone number, fax number, email address) and all other pertinent information concerning their ministry.  To make the church more visible any pictures of the church, pastor and members of the leadership can be furnished if they so desire.  This is being done to make these ministries more accessible to individuals who are looking to establish a church connection in their community and to help draw souls into the kingdom of God.


Another aspect of the vision is the organizing of our Missions Outreach department which will be used to facilitate ministries that are in the impoverished nations of the world. The goal here is to provide these ministries with literature and other materials for evangelism while making long range plans to conduct seminars and workshops when and wherever possible.  In addition, we will be making contacts with various churches and governmental agencies to collaborate with us in a joint effort to provide assistance for the distribution of food, medical supplies and clothing.  In conjunction with this aspect of the vision we are presently in the initial stages of establishing a Global Ministerial Alliance with pastors and ministry leaders around the world; (1) to form a ministerial network of prayer and support to the men and women of God around the world who labor in the vineyard as leaders within their local congregations; (2) to offer strength and encouragement to God's servants as often as necessary, and (3) to offer support in the area of Godly counseling so as to assist the men and women of God in the office that God has called them to.


Finally, the vision of Inter Caribbean Evangelism Ministries, International involves hitting the airways through the medium of radio and television.  Currently, we are in the process of developing and producing materials for such a purpose as this.  The vision for these mediums will incorporate all the different facets of the ministry so that we can effectively provide teaching and training to meet the needs of perspective ministries and the Body of Christ as a whole.