Newsletter for 2010

July 6th, 2010

They that observe lying vanities forsake their own mercy.

Jonah 2:8

ICEMINISTRIES INT’L has seen many periods of transition between 2007 and 2009, as the Lord shifted the ministry across the globe from North America back to the Caribbean.  It was a season of trials and tribulations; misunderstandings and misgivings.  It appeared as if the forces of hell had been released where even their enemies were proven to be those of the household of faith, those considered as very close to the ministry.  “But the Lord…”  This is the resounding declaration that has been emanating through the boundaries of every dimension, “But the Lord has delivered us out of them all and from them all.”  It is amazing how God uses and allows diversities of dilemmas to bring us into the place of His purpose where He has chosen to restore and to allow restitution to be made.

It began in September, 2007, while in Canada when the Lord spoke to Prophetess Franceine M. Anson through a vision, which revealed His desire for her to return to her native country to help the hands of His intercessors that had grown weary.  Her response to this was a shocking, “No, I will never go back to that place.”  She considered it the last place on earth to dwell, or even to visit unless it was mandatory for her to go there.  In the midst of her resistance, everything around her started to deteriorate go downhill, but she resisted, pleading with the Lord to send her to Barbados instead of her native land Antigua.  Nevertheless, the Lord allowed a series of events resembling that of Jonah’s demise to bring her to the place which He has appointed.  It is here that a shout of “Hallelujah!” should be heard all across the globe.  You see, unknown to Prophetess Anson, the season for her restoration had come and the Lord had appointed that everything stolen, taken or lost was to be restored to her with interest, but it had to take place in her native island of Antigua and Barbuda.

Antigua was appointed before the foundations of the world as the place where this mighty woman of God would not only receive material restoration, but the favor of the Lord throughout the Caribbean region as He would send her to different islands to confirm His Word with signs and wonders following.  Hence, on April 26th 2008, Apostle Michael and Prophetess Franceine Anson along with a part of their family arrived on the shores of Antigua and Barbuda.  Three months later, on the 27th of July that same year, they received divine instructions to open the doors of Streams of Living Water Outreach Ministries.  To God be the glory!  It was the first sign of restoration, for the Lord had restored the ministry which was lost.

In August of 2008, both Apostle and Prophetess Anson left Antigua bound for the island of Barbados.  However, during their flight the Lord spoke to them concerning a series of events which were about to take place as they would make a scheduled stop in the island of Dominica.  Both Apostle and Prophetess were travelling on airline staff tickets which meant they would have to release their seats to booked passengers if there was a need.  This was the occasion which arose and it demanded that one of the seats was to be given to someone else, but the Lord had forewarned them that this would happen.  Subsequently they both decided that they would remain in Dominica until two seats were available for them to travel together.

This unplanned stop turned out to be divine intervention, as they were escorted to a guesthouse in the island by the name of “Faith Cottage,” where they made a connection to a church two houses away.  They decided to attend a prayer meeting and Bible study that night and while there they met a group of missionaries from a church in Barbados which neither of them were acquainted with, nor had ever heard of.  The following day upon their arrival in Barbados they were requested to speak at a church, in which of course they accepted, only later to find out that the missionaries in which they met in Dominica where in fact members of this same church in Barbados.  God is Awesome!  And so it began.  The Lord had taken them to yet another place where things that were lost were being restored and connections to the islands of the Caribbean were in the making.  The question is often asked, “Who can fathom God?”  The answer is, “No one can.”

In August of 2009 Apostle and Prophetess Anson, along with their daughter returned to Barbados once again.  They were invited to minister at a breakfast conference and as usual the Lord moved mightily.  They had been graciously received by the church the Lord connected them to a year ago, but here is the awesomeness of God in full demonstration.  The mission team which they met in Dominica the year before was on their way to the island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Apostle, Prophetess and their daughter were asked to go before the team into the island and remain as a part of that team.  One year later, the purpose of the meeting in Dominica was made manifest, as the Apostle and the Prophetess were sent to St. Vincent to prepare the grounds and to watch over the missionary team from Barbados.  Hallelujah! And again I say “Hallelujah!”

They went to St. Vincent and to Bequia, an island in the Grenadines and the Lord moved to accomplish His plans and bring about the things that are marvelous in His eyesight.  “Oh that man would praise the Lord for His goodness and for His wonderful works toward the children of men.”  In St. Vincent and the Grenadines little Prophetess Sarai was released from her cocoon and a magnificent butterfly emerged as she stood as the seer pointing out things in the Spirit which the others on the team had missed.  She sang under the anointing, bringing the church to tears, a sound which was heard and seen on radio and television.

Upon return to Antigua at the end of August Streams of Living Water went through yet another transition as leaders from the ministry mysteriously decided to leave, some abandoning their post because they were told that they were not prepared to accompany the team on the previous mission trip.  It was at this time that little Prophetess Sarai stepped up to the plate and began to lead worship.  On Sunday, September 27th, while both Apostle Anson and his wife were still recovering from illness and fatigue little Prophetess announced that she had heard the voice of the Lord telling her that she was to bring the message that morning.  To the amazement of everyone in attendance this young lady stood up and the fulfillment of the prophecy on her life was made manifest.  It had been prophesied that by the age of twelve her ministry would begin.  That Sunday morning this eleven year old Prophetess (she would turn twelve 3 months later) spoke these words to the church: The Lord is saying “What is happening to My house?  I have called them, chosen them and anointed them, what has happened?  They have slackened their ride and become complacent. They have become proud and arrogant, and have backslidden.  They have spoiled My anointing for glory of men.” says the Lord. “The pastors have gone in their sinful ways and forgotten to feed My sheep and led them astray, My sheep have wandered through all the mountains, and upon every high hill: yea, My flock is scattered upon all the face of the earth, and none did search or seek after them. My prophets are not prophesying My Word; they are prophesying only what people want to hear.” says the Lord.  Not only have the sheep strayed, but the shepherds also, His chosen priests have defiled themselves with anger, pride, prejudice, hatred, malice and discord. The women of God have also been filled with the spirit of Jezebel and have gossiped amongst each other, sending witchcraft against and tearing down their brethren.  They exalt themselves above God, but they will be judged unless they repent upon the altar and consecrate themselves afresh. Amen

The following morning the Lord instructed Apostle Anson to release the audio version of that message on “Facebook” and subsequently he was contacted by a Pastor from Tennessee who requested permission to broadcast the message on “YouTube” for others to hear.  This message which the Lord spoke through this yielded young vessel was now being heard all over the world.  Once again, to God be the glory!!

The Prophetic Voice Daily Devotional

The online ministry was temporary offline for a period of time as the Lord shifted the location of the ministry into a new place.  There was much difficulty securing a telephone line and internet in this new area which resulted in a slight delay in sending out the daily devotional.  However, the Lord triumphs once again and the ministry has come back online with full force to the glory of Jesus Christ.  The Prophetic Voice Daily Devotional will see the release of its latest devotional in the month of September of next year as we prepare for what the Lord is about to do in 2010.

Weapons Of War Women’s Ministry

This year Weapons of War Women’s Ministry hosted their annual women’s conference in the island of Barbados on November 28th 2009.  It was an event that no woman should have missed as anointed women from all over Barbados spoke into the lives of those in attendance.  The Spirit of the Lord was in that place so rich that it is hard to even describe, you would have had to have been there to understand.  Plans are already underway for the release of a physical and online magazine/blog/radio/television talk program, entitled “Woman2Woman”.  More shall be revealed as progress on this project is made.

Streams of Living Water Outreach Ministry

The Lord is doing a tremendous work in and through this ministry.  The Lord instructed Apostle Michael Anson, the Senior Pastor to build an altar in his home and as a result some very powerful things took place both in the ministry and in the family which begin to affect the land.  Here is one of the instructions which Apostle received:

Greetings Precious Child of God,

This morning as I was laying before the Lord on my altar praying and waiting for His directives I received some very specific instructions that the Lord told me to give to His people worldwide. He says to tell you that there are some prayer requests that you have been petitioning Him concerning, requests that you have not shared with anyone except Him.  These are things in particular that you have been asking Him to do either in your life personally, in your home, in your marriage, in your spouse, in your family, in your finances or in your ministry and you have sought Him concerning these things for many days.  He says that these are secrets things that have been burdening your heart to the point that you have not desired even those closest to you to know because you understand that if He does not intervene in these particular requests they will not be answered. The Lord says to tell you, “Write these requests down on a white lined sheet of paper and upon completion you are to seal them in a #6 ¾ envelope and mail it to the address that My servant shall provide for you.” He says, “Write the request and in writing make sure that you are very specific in what you are asking because in this season I am looking for those who would know that as you specifically lay out your request before Me I will hear and answer.”

The Lord says, “I’m bringing you into a season through the guidelines that I have set where you must begin to do exactly as I am instructing you, if you want to see Me move on your behalf and I have instructed My servant to receive your request but he is not to open the envelope that he receives on your behalf.  He is to simply lay them upon the altar which he has built in his home to Me and daily offer up the sacrifices of prayer and thanksgiving concerning them.  If you will obediently follow My voice and pay careful attention to the details which I have outlined you will see the manifestation of My glory that shall be revealed in the midst of your request and you shall receive the answer that you desire. Be careful not to look at the instrument which delivers these instructions and thereby think that I have not spoken for he is just the vessel that I have chosen to use but the Word which is spoken into your life this day comes directly from Me.”

It is my prayer that the people of God globally will pay heed to what the Lord has spoken and will follow these instructions precisely as He spoken them. It’s very important that you remember that these are not petitions which are to be emailed because they are to remain between you and the Lord which is why the Lord has instructed me not to break the seal on any envelope that I receive but just to place them upon the altar and lift them up before Him in my daily prayer time.  I am sensing that God is about to release something tremendous in the lives of His people which is why I believe that He wants no child of God left out of this directive. Tell your relatives, your friends, your associates, your church, everyone you know that is a blood bought servant of the Most High God, regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender or religious persuasion. The sooner people begin to adhere to what the Lord is saying the better because I have been given instructions to begin this immediately so as not to delay in your receiving your breakthrough

These requests are to be mailed to the following address:

Apostle Michael W.G. Anson

c/o Streams Of Living Water Outreach Ministries

Inter Caribbean Evangelism Ministries, Int’l

P.O. Box W848

St. John’s, Antigua

The only thing that I have been instructed to tell you concerning a return address is simply to put your name and email address. I trust that as you hear the voice of the Lord speaking to your heart that you will move with haste because of the urgency of the time. God bless you as you follow His voice.

Consumed For His Service,

Apostle Michael W.G. Anson, Senior Pastor

Streams of Living Water Outreach Ministries

Inter Caribbean Evangelism Ministries, Int’l

This message was sent out via email, on Facebook and it has been spoken within the ministry to alert the people of God as to what God is getting ready to release to them in this season – the key being the people’s willingness to follow the Lord’s instruction in obedience and in expectation.

Ministerial Alliance

We have seen tremendous growth in this area as many are filling out the online application form and requesting the opportunity of networking with us as we endeavor to do the work of the ministry.  In the upcoming year we plan to increase productivity by adding new resources to enhance and promote this area of ministry.

The Little Foxes that Spoil The Vine

2010 will see several new books released and copies of all previous publications made available throughout the Caribbean islands.

ICEMINISTRIES, INT’L continues to expect greater things as we see the movement of God’s hand directing us into His divine will and purpose for our lives.  We closed out 2009, with a bang in the Spirit as our stats gave us a record number of visits to the ministry website.  Even as we watch how the Lord has brought an increase last year, we are expecting to triple the number of visits by the end of 2010 as we are already seeing a vast increase on a daily basis.  It is with heartfelt gratitude that we thank those of you which have prayed for us or supported us in any way throughout the inception of this ministry in 2003.  We could not have accomplished so much in such a short space of time without you.