Daily Affirmations

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It is so vital that you rehearse it in your own ears so that it gets into your spirit and you can start to build up yourself in faith. David had to encourage himself in the Lord (cf. 1st Samuel 30:6), I believe he did this by constantly reminding himself of the promises of God concerning his life. Likewise, there are times when you need to encourage yourself in the Lord by continuously declaring what you know concerning all that Jesus has done for you and promises He’ll continue to do. As you make affirmation, you will find that you will become more disciplined in not only repeating or just hearing but in doing what you affirm from the Word.

It’s comparative to setting precedence in the realm of the Spirit whereby you are literally rendering the enemy helpless in his attempts to bind you up with confusion, frustration and fear. Your affirmation cancels out whatever lie that has been whispered and it brings you an authority which causes the enemy to step back and recognize you as a child of the Most High God. This is a weapon of your warfare that you should start using immediately and you can begin by following this list of affirmations from God’s Word and then adding others daily as you are led by the Spirit. But whatever you do, remember it’s important to build your faith daily by declaring what God says. Begin by making the following declarations:

Day One

• I declare that I am a blood washed, blood bought - born again child of the Living God

• I declare that I have redemption through the Blood of Jesus Christ

• I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus and therefore I declare that I can walk boldly in the authority of His righteousness without condemnation or shame


Day Two

• I declare that I have been translated from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of Light and as a result the light that is within me shines brightly for the entire world to see;

• I declare that no matter what weapons are formed against me, my family, my finances or anything that concerns me they shall not prosper because the Word causes me to know that God will give His angels charge over my life

Day Three

I declare that though the enemy shall come against me one way he will be made to flee from me seven ways because my God shall be my shield and buckler

• I declare that I am the apple of my Father’s eyes and am beloved of my Father in heaven

• I declare that because I am the spiritual seed of Abraham I am entitled to lay claim on everything written in the Abrahamic covenant (cf. Genesis 17:1-22)

Day Four

I declare that I am the head and not the tail; above and not beneath

• I declare that I am blessed in the city and in the field, I am blessed when I come and when I go

• I declare that in the authority of my Father I cast down every stronghold over my life, sickness and poverty MUST cease

Day Five

• I declare that I shall lend and not borrow because the cattle on a thousand hills belong to my Father

• I declare that because I am a servant of the most High God blessings shall follow me and overtake me

• I declare that I am an heir of God and joint heirs with Jesus Christ, no good thing will my Father withhold from me

Day Six

• I declare that the covenant promises of God bestowed on me are also passed down to my children causing my children and my children’s children to be blessed

• I declare that the Lord has given me a peace which surpasses all understanding therefore I don’t have to worry about ANYTHING;

Day Seven

• I declare that I am predestinated to be conformed to the image and likeness of Jesus Christ and that although I will share in the fellowship of His sufferings, my God will always give me the victory

I declare that all things work together for my good because I love God and I am called according to His purpose

• I declare my life victorious over the attacks of the enemy on every side;

These are declarations taken straight out of the Word and there is no way that the enemy can deny the power of the Word used with precision and accuracy against him. As you learn to use this sword, as it has been referred to in the book of Ephesians, you place a strangle hold on the enemy’s neck and take a hard line stance against anything that he can throw at you because all of a sudden you are declaring what God has promised in His Word to him and he knows that God is true to His Word.

I must make it emphatically clear that the Word used as a means of bringing you into positional awareness is essential because the Bible declares that you are washed of water by the Word (cf. Ephesians 5:26)

In Times of Struggles

• I declare my life victorious over the attacks of the enemy on every side

• I declare that no matter how alone I might feel at times I know that nothing shall separate me from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus

• I declare that I am seated together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.

The Word’s creative elements saturating the mind has the effect of keeping our minds stayed upon Him. As the devil comes with his deceptions and lies to cause you to deny your faith, he is confronted by a closed door because your mind is stabilized by the Word. This gives you the ability to switch and reposition yourself according to that which is promised in the Word and it gives you the authority that you need to stand in a militant position, ready to do combat and win. Selah!

I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD.

Psalm 118:17