Global Missions

The Missions Outreach Department of ICEMINISTRIES, INT’L is mandated to unite the vision of pastors across the globe by providing the necessary information pertaining to their respective ministries.  ICEMINISTRIES, INT’L will provide a maximum of two pages to ministries that are in need of both financial and prayer support in order to make them visible and to propagate their message.  Over the past three years our staff has networked with ministries across the globe in distant and in many cases impoverished nations.  These men and women of God that are struggling to build churches and minister to the needs of the people in their villages or communities, do so with less than adequate provision and suffer much personal loss.  As such they have literally laid down their lives for the sake of the Gospel by forsaking their homes, and in some cases, their relatives, to labor in the vineyard of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The pages which ICEMINISTRIES, INT’L will provide for these ministries will facilitate pictures and vital information about each ministry allowing for direct contact with the pastors and their respective ministries.  It is our intention to make each ministry visible so that those who are like minded may have the opportunity of offering their much needed assistance.  This will also allow donors or anyone who desires to make connection the opportunity to do so on a personal level rather than going through ICEMINISTRIES, INT’L.   It is our belief that those who take up the mantle of the Gospel do so in accordance with Mark 16:15 which clearly states: “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature” and therefore they deserve to be supported and encouraged.  We pray that as you visit this link you will lend your support by contacting these ministries to find out how you can help.  Remember, “He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the LORD; and that which he hath given will He pay him again.” (cf. Proverbs 19:17)

In addition, we want this link to be a point of personal contact for the men and women of God.  We recognize that there are leaders within the Body of Christ that need to know that someone is praying on their behalf.  Many times there are issues that leaders face both within and outside of their ministry and they need to have an intercessor addressing these issues before the Lord on their behalf.  We have created a GLOBAL MINISTERIAL ALLIANCE with these issues in mind.  Its purpose is to provide a support system for leaders whereby they can establish a one-on-one contact with another leader who will offer a compassionate ear and heart so that prayer and Godly counsel is offered to support in whatever way necessary.  Here’s how it works:  (1) there must be an email address setup with Hotmail or Yahoo which can be linked to ICEMINISTRIES, INT’L; (2) use the email address to establish either an MSN Messenger or Yahoo Messenger account; (3) those interested will be required to fill out a MINISTERIAL ALLIANCE application and submit it by email to in which they will include the Hotmail or Yahoo email address.  This application can be accessed by clicking on the MINISTERIAL ALLIANCE link below; (4) once the application is approved then a request will be sent to the perspective Messenger account which will require the person to “accept ”.